romanticism, realism and dadaism

Growing up in a home which was full of designer furniture and modern, abstract art, and being so fond of comic books, I guess it’s no wonder, that some of the first art I felt attracted to was the drowning Ophelia of Waterhouse and Millais and the Pre-Raphaelites.

The Pre-Raphaelites are hard to place on the art map – they have some of the hallmarks of a modern art movement, while at the same time being rather old fashioned, into mimesis, myths and nature. They were supposedly inspired by romantic poetry.

I think I used to be of a very romantic nature (maybe it was from watching too many Errol Flynn movies) – but finding myself increasingly disillusioned with the world, it was also the clash between romanticism and realism that interested me the most when I was studying literature at university. I wrote about Flaubert & Madame Bovery for that same reason.

name the film

This movie still is from the Czech movie “Tri Orisky Pro Popelku” (Three nuts for Cinderella) by Vaclav Vorlicek. It was another one of my favorites when I was a child. It’s a fairytale with a twist, since Cinderella pretends to be a man for the greater part of the movie.

Irony is supposed to be a central thing for my so-called post-modern generation. To me it made perfect sense that being a fan of Monty Python and the Knights who say Ni! would extend itself into appreciating DADAism once I reached university. I’m still a big fan of Tzara‘s dadaist manifesto.

I think I could perhaps explain myself best in the guise of postmodernism, since I have never really stopped jumping genres. In a way I feel like certain things are best told in a specific style – like I express different thoughts, ideas or parts of myself depending on what media I work in, and how I go about it; straight/ documentary photography, studio setups, photo illustration or video edited with music. I don’t believe anybody’s able to be objective, what we see is always edited many times over, and what we show even more so. Each way of working poses problems and limitations. I like to just find something on my way and capture it as is, but I also like to change things and turn them into something different.

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