chris cunningham

A long time ago, when I was very young, I worked as a runner for a London production company that Chris Cunningham had just signed up with. He was 24 and just starting out as video director. Unsurprisingly, he made a great impression on me.

Chris Cunningham is an acclaimed English music video film director and video artist. He was born in Reading, Berkshire in 1970 and grew up in Lakenheath, Suffolk.

The video collection The Work of Director Chris Cunningham was released in November 2004 as part of the Directors Label set. This DVD includes selected highlights from 1995–2000.

In 1989, Cunningham worked at Spitting Image, building animatronic robot arms and sculpting caricatures for the TV series. In 1990 he worked on sculpture and animatronics for the film Alien.

After seeing Cunningham’s work on the 1994 film version Judge Dredd, Stanley Kubrick head hunted Cunningham to design and supervise animatronic tests of the central robot child character in his version of the film A.I. Cunningham worked for over a year on the film A.I., before leaving to pursue a career as a director.

Earlier work in film included model making, prosthetic make-up and concept illustrations for Hardware and Dust Devil with director Richard Stanley, as well as Nightbreed. In 1990–1992 he contributed the occasional cover painting and strip for Judge Dredd Megazine, working under the pseudonym Chris Halls, the surname of his stepfather.

Cunningham has created photography and cover artwork for various people including Bjork’s All Is Full Of Love, Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker and Come to Daddy.

In 2008, Cunningham produced a fashion shoot for Dazed & Confused using Grace Jones as a model to create “Nubian versions” of Rubber Johnny.[6] In an interview for BBC’s “The Culture Show”, it was suggested that the collaboration may expand into a video project.

In November 2008, Cunningham followed on with another photoshoot for Vice Magazine.”

Grace Jones by Chris Cunningham
Originally uploaded by ֹDazed & Confused Mag

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