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Looking at one’s self, looking at other people, voyeurism and surveillance became central concerns for many photographers.

From the article How we looked, BJP 24/06/09.

The act of looking and the question of the (male) gaze became central in the 1970s: In Laurie Anderson’s work Object/Objection/Objectivity (Fully Automated Nikon) she photographed the men who verbally assaulted her in the streets of New York, later covering their eyes with a white band in the finished images, negating and criminalising the male gaze.

Our cultures’ obsession with sex and sexuality is very apparent in most of the commercial images surrounding us. The question of portraying (sexual) identity, the balance between subject/object, how we look and see each other, is as relevant as ever.

Man Ray (August 27, 1890 – November 18, 1976):


Diane Arbus (14 March 1923 – 26 July 1971):


Helmut Newton (31 October 1920 – 23 January 2004):


Nobuyoshi Araki (born May 25, 1940):


Sally Mann (Born May 1, 1951):


Bettina Rheims (born December 18, 1952):


Richard Kern (born 1954):


(You can see some fascinating footage of Kern shooting girls here.)

Cindy Sherman (born Jan 19, 1954):


Catherine Opie (born 1961):


Juergen Teller (born 1964):


Wolfgang Tillmans (born 15 August 1968):



More on the subject of identity and gender in the latest issue of Danish Photo Mag Filter – for fotografi #3, Theme: Normality.

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