flesh machine I

Science as corrupter, deceptive servant and seducer (and as the alien or ‘other’) is possibly the explanation for the odd connection between the machine and the erotic there seems to be in modern and contemporary culture.

In 1927, the dangerous, seductive robot Maria from Fritz Langs Metropolis..:

From the late 1960s HR Geigers weirdly erotic bio-technical surrealist style images..:

In 1986s Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri started his comic series Morbus Gravis which takes place in a weird futuristic world where machine and flesh is merging, and possibly everything happens inside the mind of the creator – God? A living computer? The brain in the jar?? I’m honestly not sure, as it starts out one way, but becomes more and more complicated.

It’s a twisted, sick universe, where a virus is turning everyone into monsters, machine and flesh has merged and the female lead is able to survive mainly by having sex with everyone. However, she remains the only really pure, sane being. There’s a link to a text about Ecofeminist themes in the story here.

In the 1990s Chris Cunningham went from designing special effects and drawing Judge Dredd comics to making music- and artvideos. Famously his Björk video features two pure, minimalist type robots (Björk clones) making love:

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