Based on my thesis, this series of blog posts examine the nature of photography, and the relationship between reality and the photograph.

First Impressions

Looking Back – history and key concepts

Mimesis and Photography
Baudelaire and Surrealism
The blind spot of theory
The index and the loss of reality
Towards a Philosophy of Photography

What photography is?

Performative Photography

Photographic Image Formation

Blog posts to come:
• The Photograph and the Index?
• The Surround
• Embodied Visions

Carmen & Alec Soth: Brighton Picture Hunt

• Brighton Picture Hunt
• The Index
• The Surround
• The Child and the Apparatus
• Performative Photography
• Democracy of Photography
• Shaping Reality
• The Emperor’s New Clothes


• Mimesis and Surrealism
• Performative Photography and the Index
• Surround and Embodied Vision
• Brighton Picture Hunt
• The Paradox of Photography


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